Phineas Gage (frejasface) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Phineas Gage

Don't Worry, Jodie Foster Still Supports Mel Gibson.

 photo ontd jodie mel_zpsh7fabfoq.jpg

Were you worried that Jodie Foster had a revelation that abusive, anti-semitic racists shouldn't be forgiven? Don't worry-- she still supports her dear friend, Mel Gibson.

She gave an interview in which she said:

“I love him, and when you have a friend who you love, you support them through their struggles."

“[He has had] a lot of struggles, and he has to live with the consequences of his actions, and he would say the same thing.” (OP note: HA ha ha ha haha as if!)

She's not like other actresses who played girlfriends and wives "for a career's sake:"

“I was never interested in a career for a career’s sake. I just wanted to tell the stories I find interesting and I wasn’t very good playing the girlfriend, so, nope, I never did that. I just worked when I found something that moved me."

She's not like those other girls!

Tags: actor / actress, australian celebrities, mel gibson, problematic fave, race / racism, sexual misconduct
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