The Midsommar May Queen (shangri__la) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
The Midsommar May Queen

Ewan Mcgregor's Daughter Calls Mary Elizabeth Winstead 'a piece of trash'

  • Ewan Mcgregor's twenty two year old daughter Clara turned to instagram to have a go at her father's girlfriend/mistress Mary Elizabeth Winsted, mocking her in an insta story and posting on a MEW fanpage: "Most beautiful and talented woman on earth? Oh man y'all are delusional. The girl is a piece of trash x"

  • If you all remember, Ewan cheated on and left his wife of over twenty years for Mary, his Fargo co-star, who was also married and left her husband for Ewan.

  • This is not the first time one of Ewan's children have lashed out on social media- Ewan's fifteen year old daughter Esther posted a song on Instagram, singing about the "shit I found online/seeing those pictures, they’re making me cry… And I don’t know how to forgive. I don’t know if I can."

Source one, source two
Tags: celebrity feud, celebrity social media, ewan mcgregor, family drama, the affair (showtime)
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