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Charlamagne Details Spiking a Girl's Drink & Her Being Too Drunk to Remember Anything


*CtG: There's a lot of grey areas

*He put "Spanish Fly" [a "libido enhancer"] in her drink and she was wasted by his own accout

*He doesn't say whether she knew about it

*"So the next morning, the next morning she wakes up and uhm, we talk about it. And she's like "What happened?" I'm like "We had sex." she said "Ok well I'm glad it was you." Then a couple days later, she's like "Yo are you sure I only had sex with you?" "

*One of his cousins was running around, claiming he had sex with her, too, but the other guys "only" saw her naked

*Feels good about himself because he didn't let his boys have sex with her, too

*"I didn't rape her, because me and her had every intention of having sex with each other."

*Andrew asked why he put the Spanish Fly in her drink

*C: "I was a freaky... I'm still a freaky m*****f***** but I was really..."

*A. asked if she was passed out

*C.:"She was like one of those drunks where [...] she was like [...] she wasn't coherent, but she was up, like when your girl... like when you're blacked up like that don't know what the f*** is going on type s***, like she was really f***** up. [...] She was wasted. Yea. She was wasted."

This podcast is from September 2015.

How does he still have a job? Did HBO know about this when they hired him recently?

(Mods: This is a seperate incident from the one already posted)
Sources: 1, 2, 3
Tags: black celebrities, radio shows / radio celebrity, sexual misconduct, television - hbo, television - mtv
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