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Guillermo del Toro's Antlers Casts Keri Russell in a Supernatural Horror Thriller Film (Oscar Buzz?)

-"Collider Video has confirmed that Keri Russell is in talks to star in the supernatural horror thriller Antlers, which Guillermo del Toro is producing for Fox Searchlight. Russell will play a teacher who takes an interest in a mysterious and withdrawn student who is harboring a deadly secret that is key to their town's survival. But what, exactly, is that secret?"
-"Scott Cooper is directing from a script by Nick Antosca and Henry Chaisson, and del Toro is producing alongside David Goyer, so the project has a certain pedigree behind it, and now it has Russell, fresh off her acclaimed turn on the FX series The Americans. She'll shoot Antlers this fall, right after she wraps a little movie called Star Wars: Episode IX."

Source 1- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-xW94VwOy4&feature=youtu.be
Source 2-https://twitter.com/staennis/status/1017443362968702976

Also Bonus Matthew Rhys and Matthew Goode!
Tags: actor / actress, casting / auditions, film - fantasy, film - horror, film - in development, film - producers, guillermo del toro, the americans (fx)
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