Sandra Oh Talks About Her Emmy Nom + Reactions

  • In case you missed it, today Sandra Oh was the first woman of Asian descent to receive a lead actress in a drama nomination, for her role as Eve Polastri in the BBC show Killing Eve.

  • She's been nominated for Emmys several times in the supporting category for her role on Grey's Anatomy.

  • Oh was helping a friend prepare for an audition when the nominations were announced. She's currently in London, so she didn't realize she'd been nominated until she looked at her phone.

  • Celebrated on her patio in London with a glass of chablis.

  • Says some people don't care about awards, and she understands that mentality, but she is not one of those people right now.

  • On what her nomination means to other people: "I’ve always felt like it’s not just me. Let me tell you, I’m not thinking of other people when I’m doing my work. But I know that I’m part of my community. I really hold that, maybe not so much as a forefront of what moves me through my work, but I know it. So I am exceptionally honored that I am able to hold this moment, not only for myself, but what it may mean for our community."

  • When asked how she will handle her historic nomination: "I’ve got to tell you: joyously. I understand that people are going, Oh my God, it’s 2018 why is taking the world so long? I understand that. But I am not there. I am just like, yay. Let’s be happy that we have this moment. And let us build and have confidence and see ourselves in this moment."

  • Feels terror, excitement and hunger about starting work on the next season of Killing Eve.

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Psyched that she was nominated! Please watch Killing Eve if you haven't already done so.