Will Sandra Oh become the first Asian nominated for an Emmy for best lead actress in a drama?

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* While Asians have been nominated (and won once) at the Emmys for best supporting actress, an Asian woman has never been nominated for best lead actress in a drama, which isn't surprising because there aren't a lot of lead roles for Asian women out there to begin with. Sandra Oh, who has earned a lot of critical acclaim as Eve Polastri on Killing Eve - and who should have totally won an Emmy for Cristina Yang, amirite - could be the first.

* A couple of Emmy watchers are also predicting that both Oh AND Jodie Comer could get nominated for best lead actress, which would be the first time since 2002 that a show has had two nominees in that category. There was some spec that BBC America might try to commit category fraud by submitted Comer as supporting, but that's not happening. The last show to produce two best lead actress nominees was Six Feet Under (Frances Conroy and Rachel Griffiths).


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