Logan director James Mangold warns that fandom backlash will push talent out of genre films.

-Mangold says that the backlash from these genre films (Star Wars, MCU & DCU) franchises are going to hamper any A-List talent from joining these properties.
-" Loving something is fine and good, but when it turns into trolling and harassment it does real material harm to the people involved in creating those things."
-And Mangold is right: people will leave. And people most vulnerable to this sort of treatment, women, and people of color and marginalized folk of all sorts, are going to be the ones who are driven out most quickly and easily."

-These are 1 out of 3 tweets he tweeted about this issue.
-Mangold directed Logan to high praise and acclaim from both fans, critics, and people.

-Mangold addresses the backlash to a director (Rian Johnson) fandom's backlash to The Last Jedi. He says that some people take it too far (violent threats online).

The one's that take the blame for the film's mishaps instead, SMH.

-The fandom's backlash has led to toxic environments for the actors involved, which affects the POC in these films/franchises the most.

-He should've gotten more work. He was in the biggest film franchise and film in cinema history.

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