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Paulina, Belinda and Marta Sánchez give joint concert, Paulina messes up & causes drama

Mexican pop singers Paulina Rubio and Belinda, and Spanish Marta Sánchez joined forces to participate in Idolos 2.0, a concert that took place this weekend in the Palacio de los Deportes arena in Mexico DF.

However, you can't have these three artists together and be free of issues/drama: first, Paulina made headlines for her awkward beginning, where it wasn't clear if she didn't know they lyrics of her song, if she couldn't follow the music or if she couldn't find the right tone to start.

Allegedly, La Chica Dorada had been vacationing in Morocco before the concert and had previously stated that she'd have no time to rehearse. Mess. After she sang her 8-song set, she never came back on stage.

Meanwhile, author of the Spanish National Anthem Marta Sánchez sang two of her classic hits, and then Belinda, of Sapito fame, came on stage to sing her songs. To close the concert, Marta and Belinda sang together Belinda's hit "Luz sin gravedad."

At the press conference before the concert, Marta said that she loves Belinda and that they were going to sing together, but they weren't going to perform with Paulina because they hadn't talked to her, as she "does what she wants to" and "she hadn't arrived yet." Belinda interjected to say "she should have been here but she isn't yet."

Meanwhile, Belinda made OP think of her 12-year-old self when she brought Jay de la Cueva from Moderatto on stage to sing "Muriendo lento."

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Tragic. Do you miss when Latin American divas could get hits? Is Becky G here to save them?
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