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Evangeline Lilly Masterpost for Ant Man & the Wasp w/ Paul Rudd (Interviews, Promos, Candids & etc.)

-“I was never enamored by the idea of fame,” she tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue, admitting she went through “a pretty dark time” coming to terms with being a public figure.
-After college, did jobs and two years later went on pilot season for 2003. Just went to the casting for Lost, booked her first pilot/tv gig and 3 months later they filmed in Hawaii for the pilot.
-She planned on retiring from acting in 2010 after the show ended with Real Steel to be her last film ever. She lived off the grid for 2 years in Hawaii with her partner she met at the show, who worked in film production and is now a stay-at-home dad.
-Peter Jackson brought her back into the acting world after the birth of her first child with The Hobbit 2.
-During her time off, she took up surfing and wrote scripts and children’s books. Has had 2 sons as well.
-Says living off of Hollywood and somewhere quiet and low-key in Hawaii has kept her grounded and says she had to find a place where she was happy and now she is.
-Says She Was Going Through'a Pretty Dark Time' During Lost b/c she was thrust unto the global spotlight & she wasn't prepared for fame or being a public figure.

-"In her fight scenes, as trivial as it might seem, I really pushed and fought for her to fight with elegance, grace and femininity. She moves differently than a man. I wanted her to have a signature style that little girls, like I was when I was a feminine, girly little girl, would be able to fall in love with, emulate and relate to in their own movements."

-"And I really challenged myself on this film to shut out all of those critical voices, and the male pressures to conform and to really stand up and be a female voice in this world. And I wasn’t always successful. I still feel that fear of being of being this irritatingly school-marm type of thing.”

-Writes children's book in her free time which she has published last couple of years.
-Says Peter Jackson calling her to be in The Hobbit made her come out of retirement and had no contact with Hollywood or the lifestyle whatsoever in those 2 years.
- "I got a covert call from Peter Jackson, who I knew through my relationship with Dom[inic Monaghan] back in the day, and he said, “Nobody in Hollywood seems to be able to reach Evangeline, but we want to get a hold of her because we want to cast her in this film.”
-Says the idea of being a woodland elf was like her childhood fantasy come to life
-“[Making The Hobbit movies] helped opened my eyes to the fact that, OK, this job can be a joy, it’s just a matter of how you approach it, and what you do with it, how much I put myself out there, and to a certain degree, how much I work.”
- “And so as I was finishing press for The Hobbit, that’s when I got the call from Marvel, and I thought, ‘I just need to either draw a very firm line in the sand and say I’m done, or I need to just make my peace with the thing, find a way to be happy and do it in a way that makes me feel comfortable and satisfied."

-Ant Man & the Wasp is first film in the MCU that features a female hero in its title
-Marvel is looking after its next phase to have more films be gender balanced & that more than half will be women.
-"She's also the primary mover of the action, pulling Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) into the search for her mother and leading high-speed chases."
-"Her Wasp, of course, was given a slightly more manageable costume than the corset-and-heeled-boots Wonder Woman has been wearing while saving mankind."
-" And if her trend continues, Marvel’s female heroes going forward will all be in sensible shoes—they may even one day get their own movies and backstories. She is, if nothing else, a Hope for the future."

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