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Thandie Newton Wants to See More Diversity in Sci-Fi 🌃

-Only 2 Black Women in the SW universe had major speaking roles. Kelly Marie Tran is also another WOC in the SW universe.
-About Kelly's social media deletion from the harassment by trolls: "The reason they’re getting pissed is because they’re losing, because things are changing, and they don’t like it."
-"This is human nature, to exploit. Especially in an industry like the film industry — people who want to exploit gravitate to it, you know?"
- "That’s what abuse does to you: It robs you of the desire to celebrate yourself, it robs you of your innocence. I stand up and I’m counted, and I let it go."
-Cambridge Grad Queen, goes by in depth with it in her interview with SW, Westworld,& etc. which I highly recommend reading.

Sources: 1 2 3 4

Tags: actor / actress, black celebrities, fandom / stan culture, film - fantasy, race / racism, sci-fi, sexism, star wars, westworld (hbo)
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