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Disney inadvertently helped put a stop to Antman movie back in the 80s.

-Picture it: 1980s, New World Communications Group purchases Marvel Entertainment wanting to adapt the characters to the big screen.

-New World ends up producing a Punisher movie that fails so of course their next thought is to make an Antman movie thanks to Stan Lees input.

-Disney was in the process of making Teenie Weenies (later known as Honey I Shrunk The Kids) but New World planned on rushing Antman into production to beat Disney.

-New World runs into money issues and isn't able to beat Disney and not wanting to look like a copy cat they scrap Antman and sell the Marvel rights back to marvel.

Image result for ant man and the wasp giphy
Thoughts on Antman & The Wasp? Thoughts on superhero movies made in the 80s/90s?
Tags: 1980s, comic books, disney, film - action / adventure, marvel

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