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ONTD Original: The Most Patriotic Moments From VH1’s Reality Shows

Independence Day in the U.S. has passed, but because I forgot to post this I still feel patriotic, I took the liberty (get it? liberty?) of celebrating the most patriotic moments on VH1’s classic reality shows.

 photo ontd hula hoop megan_zpshhwgxjog.png

Season 2 of Rock of Love challenged the ladies to put on a show for elderly veterans in a USO-ish Style Show.

 photo ontd uso show_zpsfs8gjjeu.png

Amber and Kristy Jo did a tap routine, even though only one of them knew how to tap-dance…

 photo ontd tap dance_zpshl6kszrg.png

Megan and Jessica recited the preamble of the Constitution while hula-hooping in bikinis, even though Megan didn’t even know what some of the words meant…

 photo ontd hula hoops_zpsuetfso6g.png

 photo ontd hula hoop jessica_zpscvsvwc0s.png

Daisy sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” in a sexy Marine uniform and forgot the words, even though she was reading the lyrics

 photo ontd star spangled_zpsrqm9j5pt.png

And Ina and Destiny did an actual striptease. For elderly veterans.

 photo ONtd striptease_zpsngccy88d.png

 photo ontd strip_zpsquoeq8qy.png

Here is the full USO-ish show (click play, it will jump to the right time):

Bret had a favorite challenge on Rock of Love called Mud Bowl. The women would wear booty shorts and crop tops and play football in the mud. On Season 3, Bret got some help from a bunch of firemen to create mud and get the girls wet with a firehose. Then, the ladies graciously allowed our brave country’s brave firefighters to ogle them playing mudbowl. God bless America.

 photo ontd brets mudbowl_zps7aonbqbe.png

 photo ontd firefighters_zpsuuizn8n1.png

 photo ontd mudbowl girls_zpsaazluwjb.png

 photo ontd mudbowl lipgloss_zpsyoievnyp.png

 photo ontd firemen_zpsaoeuyayk.png

On the same season, Bret treated some servicewomen and military wives to a day off from watching their kids, enlisting the girls to babysit. The women let the kids run on slippery concrete by the pool, tricked children into giving them pedicures, and didn’t notice when a little boy wandered away from the supervised area. Ashley “A-Bomb” even had a little girl paint a bikini over her tattoo of a naked lady.

 photo ontd pedicure_zpshaiyop8k.png

 photo ontd bikini tattoo_zpsfowmoktg.png

Later in Season 3, Bret found out that one of his fans who was in the armed forces had been killed in Iraq. Bret decided to sign some gifts for him… and Beverly asked him at the same time to sign some merch for her and her children. Um… not a great time, sis.

 photo ontd teddy bear_zps5lrwr1y2.png

On Rock of Love: Charm School, the girls had to create their own band and have them perform for judges. One group had their band sing “America The Beautiful”… but their singer HAD A CAMELTOE THE WHOLE TIME.

 photo ontd cameltoe 2_zpsvygdbcif.png

 photo ontd cameltoe_zpsaabhlnwi.png

But the most patriotic moment had to be Hottie wearing a red, white and blue boob wrap. Now, some people might say that she was simply dressing like a stripper, but she was actually clearly sending a message of support to America's troops through her couture garment.

 photo ontd schatar 2_zpsxchhc70e.jpg

 photo heather gif 2_zpsbgtuhliq.gif

 photo heather i love money gif_zpscozhrvpz.gif

ONTD, do you feel patriotic to your country?

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