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The Strokes aren't playing a secret reunion show after all; chaos ensues

As a follow-up to this post where it was speculated that The Strokes would be playing a secret show in London... It's actually turned out to be fake news! And boy has it caused a shitshow.

-The venue, Dingwalls, was encouraging people to share the post on social media, saying max. 8 tickets per person, etc.
-They later posted that there was no reunion to be had - some "joker" had posted that, and they had nothing to do with it, despite it being on their social media outlets
-About 500-600 fans had started lining up for tickets, so Dingwalls tweeted, telling them to go home
-Dingwalls is now calling this "a hoax from a booking agent" but also speculating that a former employee is to blame
-The Strokes' manager, Ryan Gentles, even got involved, saying "nope, not us... no Strokes show at Dingwalls"

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Tags: fail, flop, pr training needed, reunion, rumors / gossip, the strokes, you mad
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