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Jodie Foster: Every Day Is Gay Pride Day For Me; We Should Forgive Men

 photo jodie-foster-wears-shirt-dress-burberry-earrings-kenneth-jay-lane-photographed-by-victor-demarchelier-for-porteredit_zpsds2v5zoj.jpg

Jodie Foster gave a rare long interview to Net-a-Porter's The Edit to promote her sci-fi thriller Hotel Artemis, which is about a futuristic hospital for criminals.

She openly talks about being gay, saying, “Every day is gay pride day for me.”

On the #MeToo movement:

"I don’t think there is a woman I know who doesn’t look back on when they were 15, 16, 17 or 18, who doesn’t put their hand on their head and say: ‘Why did I do that? Why was I like that? Why wasn’t I confident? Why didn’t I say no?’

This is a transitional period... You really have to have a plan for truth and reconciliation. We can’t put every man over 30 in jail. We have to love our brothers and fathers and come to an understanding about how we got here and who we are going to be together.”

But she's not a spokesperson or leader for either:

“I don’t feel that I am a spokesperson for anything. It’s just not my personality. I do serve – I just serve in a different way."

Other highlights:

-Had a ski accident that resulted in a limp and a blood clot

-Has a weird relationship with her mom

-Is open about her wife, Alexandra Hedison

-Meditates with an app

 photo jofo 2_zps8z2vd8al.jpeg

 photo jofo 4_zpsokur4n47.jpeg

 photo jofo 1_zpse4rk8w7i.jpeg

 photo jofo 3_zpsfjqkadxw.jpeg

Tags: #metoo, actor / actress, lgbtq / rights, problematic fave, sexism, sexual misconduct

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