Kat Graham lashes out at her fans, and sets her twitter to private

Cannabis brownie enthusiast, and sometimes actress Kat Graham has finally had enough of her C-list fame, and engaged in a twitter fight with her (now former) fandom.

After one of the fans'd expressed that she missed the actress, she got informed that she did not, in fact, miss Kat, but Bonnie Bennett (Graham’s character from The Vampire Diaries).

And then things spiraled a bit, with Kat trying to defend her #relevance, and the fans expressing their disappointment for their (previous) idol's attitude.Collapse )
source: Kat's twitter

Kat's twitter account is now set to private, with Kat's publicist Kat herself actively trying to regain the sympathy of her three remaining fans.

To Kat's defense, as the only WOC in the Vampire Diaries' main cast, she's had to endure years of bullying from the so-called fans. She was bound to snap at some point.

ONTD, do you miss Kat Bonnie Bennett?