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ONTD Original: Male Crushes of Disneychannel

Male Crushes of Disneychannel

I thought I checked out of Disneychannel several years ago, but since I'm still watching Raven Symone in Raven's Home, that counts as still being tuned in I think? Golden era DC (2000s) was everything, and it managed to bring us some appearances of cute guys and #snacks for the youngins. Do you remember any of them?

Erik von Dettin (Brink!)

Erik has iconic movies to his credit like being the #backstreetboyclone in Princess Diaries and voicing Sid in Toy Story, but also the DCOM classic Brink! where OP just learned that the title was the nickname of his character. The blonde and sun-kissed tan look was very of its time which fits cause he's remembered more as a relic. Who knows, maybe the upcoming Toy Story sequel will call him up again for a voice acting opportunity.

Michael Trevino (Cow Belles)

Michael Trevino's TRUE big break before the Vampire Diaries was playing Jackson in Cow Belles. This was one of the floppier DCOMS, but what stood out was that handsome farm boy we'd all #hoe around for. And let's talk about them sleeveless tops he wore in every scene.

Idk who i'd rather be in this gif

Gary Cole (Cadet Kelly)

If you forgot, he was the military step-dad in the classic Cadet Kelly starring walking candids queen Hilary Duff and Christy Carlson Romano. There was something about the 70's porn stache the sternness in his character that made him extra charming when he was attempting to become a fatherly figure.
*In tune of Fall_In_Line.mp3*
One, two, three
Right, two, three
Shut your mouth, stick your ass out for me

Yes S*r!

James Possible (Kim Possible)

Voiced by Gary Cole, Dr. James Possible is a scientist who can also lay it down as a husband and father. Super smart and caring... what more could you want? He just has that look that says he'd treat you right.

Call me
Beep me
If you wanna [redacted] me

David Henrie (Wizards of Waverly Place)

Larry from That's So Raven turned into a MAN right before out eyes since his starring role in Wizards of Waverly Place as Justin Russo. I don't know which season it was when we got to see more of that #physique being sculpted, but [insert slutacious pun related to magic and wizardry].

Wingardium leviosa this ****.

Jean-Luc Bilodeau (16 Wishes)

Being part of the tired trope of the under-appreciated bestfriend being the love interest all along in 16 Wishes made Baby Daddy Jean-Luc win us over since being the annoying brother in Kyle XY. 16 Wishes felt dated upon arrival, but Jay's hopeless romantic dorkiness and loyalty was lovable.

Drew Roy (Hannah Montana)

Drew Roy as fellow musician Jesse in Hannah Montana has to be the top male love interest feature of Disneychannel TBH. The chemistry was real, f*ck that cheatin Jake Ryan ho. Congrats to miss Stewart for moving onto bigger and better things. Last time I checked he was Miley's final bf. And don't second guess your memory, cause he also played the bad boy in iCarly. Still DELECTABLE in both roles.

Raviv (Ricky) Ullman (Phil of the Future)

Adorbz, presh, etc. I don't think Raviv has enough appreciation for his time on DC in Phil of the Future and Pixel Perfect. Apparently the tea on him is that he [allegedly] has nudes, and based on his social media accounts, he's still doing some acting and some activism.

Mark Taylor (Seventeen Again)

[the superior] Seventeen Again was a straight to vhs film but most of us know it from playing on Disneychannel. We all were shook to see the young-grandpa Mark Taylor after the magic youth soap revealing a foineT man. *Countess voice* This boy got a jawline for daays.

Who was your Disneychannel crush?

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