krystal (burntxtoashes) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Youtuber Chris Ingham accused of inappropriately messaging young fans

A British family vlogger from 'TheInghams' channel has been accused of grooming young girls. He's 33, has two daughters and a 12 year old step-daughter. (Yikes)

The original thread (includes screenshots of messages/evidence):

- A girl called Jess said he inappropriately messaged her on a trip to Disneyland at 16, telling her to meet him late in the evening and that they could hang out alone. She had previously met him with his family earlier in the day.
- Another girl came forward that she slept with him, and he made her sign an agreement that she wouldn't say anything. He sent her threatening messages after she told someone about it.
- He also tried to encourage another girl on a Disneyland holiday to go skinny dipping with him.
- His wife Sarah has been blocking people on twitter.
- They have decided not to go to the Summer In The City event (although it was alleged that they were dropped).
- Are still uploading to their channel despite the allegations.

source 1

he's got that 2007 emo haircut still and wears rope necklaces so i'm not shocked tbh
Tags: british celebrities, internet celebrities, men are weak, nobody, sexual misconduct
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