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10 (5) Winners and Losers of 2018 @ The Box Office

2018 - It's currently happening. And as a stark contrast to last flop marathon, this year has been nothing but hits upon hits. Mostly.

From quiet budgets making major hits, to things being so low, and .... everything that came out on March 9th, let's remind ourselves of the good and the bad.

Fun fact: Even with two of their movies on this list in the 'bad' category, every thing Disney has released this year has made over 100$m. Will Christopher Robin continue that trend?

It's not a secret how I CAN ONLY IMAGINE because the latest religious juggernaught at the box office, earning almost 84$m on a 7$m budget. I think it's the only movie released in March that still has not closed out its theatrical run.

Comedies are not making us laugh all the way to the bank. Besides GAME NIGHT (69$m, ha), I FEEL PRETTY (48.7$) and LIFE OF THE PARTY (52.3$) are leaving audiences cold.

Out of all the studios, PARAMOUNT continues on its losing streak outside of the quietly smashing hit A QUIET PLACE. Their latest Johnny Knoxville knock-about film, ACTION POINT, has made only 5m$ since June 1st. Here's hoping Superman and his mustache in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: FALLOUT can help.

I know the cut says mostly un-obvious ones but we have to say it - SOLO. 370$m worldwide (208$ in North America), and apparently the sky is falling. Considering the movie was basically shot twice, it's underperformance has led Lucasfilm to reconsider how much Star Wars the people want.

But at least it made more than 3$m domestically - unlike THE HURRICANE HEIST. 6$ of that was mine.


Check out the rest of the winners and losers at the source. It's nothing you couldn't have already guessed.
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