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Felicity Jones marries in a 'budget' dress for secret castle wedding with Eddie R. & Tom Hanks

Follow up to the announcement of her wedding to Charles Guard (45 year old Film Director who Felicity has been with since 2015). SOURCE

-Felicity wore an elegant full-sleeved white gown with sheer fabric above the bust and a collared neck.
-"The majestic venue is the only private castle in England to have a queen buried within its grounds, Katherine Parr, the last of Henry VIII’s six wives."
-The ceremony took place at Sudeley Castle, a spectacular structure near Winchcombe, Gloucestershire in England, & closed on Saturday for her wedding.

-Pictures of the Venue

-Picture of Felicity Jones & her husband after they got married. Her dress here is cute!

Umm... Her ex-bf Ed Fornieles who she met at Oxford, is an artist who she was with for 11 years. He painted this after their breakup...
"Ed Fornieles’s new work imagines a world in which he and Jones had three children (Picture: Ed Fornieles, courtesy Carlos/Ishikawa, London)"

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-It seems Summer Wedding Season is upon us now. What would be your dream wedding destination/venue ONTD?
Tags: actor / actress, art / artist, british celebrities, eddie redmayne, fashion, marriage, star wars, tom hanks
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