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Bachelor in Paradise adds two men from Becca's season!

Last week, the cast of season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise was announced. As per tradition, we get the latest to be part of the OG Cast of BIP which is Chris Randone and Connor Obrochta [Spoiler (click to open)]whom are the latest to be eliminated from Becca's season.

Bachelor in Paradise news...
[Things to make you angry...]
Upon listening to the latest episode of The Ringer's Bachelor Party hosted by Juliet Litman, she had Reality Steve on the latest pod.

RS spoils something in regards to the relationship of Tia and Colton "fake virgin who tried to slander fucking Aly Raisman in a fucking episode of the Bachelorette" Underwood". The two are no longer together. Tia is part of the OG cast and Colton is going to be brought onto BIP. Is Colton about to become the next Bachelor with this trajectory? OP SAYS FUCK NO.

Yuki tweets photos as her time as a bartender on BIP.

Things that Becca's bachelors have done...

[Will you be mad by this?]
From the latest pod of The Ringer's Bachelor Party, they go over what recently happened on the Bachelorette. He mentions that Chris Randone has no friends.

Chris Randone gives an apology on Instagram about his behavior on the Bachelorette.

On the Bachelor Party, they discuss about the background checks and the vetting process in regards to the Bachelor / Bachelorette. The casting is done by a third party that is not Warner Brothers or ABC Television Group. Maybe, the casting has to be done by the major players for the show. RS talks about how to see Lincoln Adim's charge, a specific type of background check would get that charge.

Last night, Wills Reid and John Graham (the software engineer / VENMO DUDE) attended a Bachelorette Monday night viewing at SF's Wine Down. It was revealed in a live chat both Wills and John have slept with fans.

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