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Tom Kring responds to the spoiler of Batman/Catwoman marriage *spoilers!*

-Now that DC & Times spoiled that BatCat wont be tying the knot, Tim Kring has been getting hate from fans left and right!

-He has 100 issues planned for his run of Batman and says that this isn't the end.

-Was pissed that the outcome was spoiled but hopes that fans will still read the issue for themselves since it still has a shocking reveal at the end.

-People are already starting to cancel their issues of Batman #50 and it is not making LCS happy.

-They knew that the news would find its way online before the issue hit so they wanted to get ahead of the game.

-The NYT wants to hear from fans and hear their thoughts about being spoiled about the BatCat wedding and how they should handle future spoilers

-The preview for the new Catwoman series has been released.

-Takes a week after Batman #50

-Selina has left Gotham

-Benjamin Percy who helped bring Black Canary/Green Arrow back together is now setting his sights on another age old couple: Babs/Dick!

-Says that Barbara takes up a lot of reality in Dicks mind.

-Batgirl will play a huge role in his run on the series

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