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ONTD Original: The Golden Age of VH1 Reality Shows, aka the "Of Love" Universe

It has come to my attention that there are some people who do not know about VH1's classic reality series Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, I Love New York, Daisy of Love, Charm School, Real Chance at Love, and I Love Money. This ignorance is shameful and #sad.

I have taken it upon myself to educate the world about these gone, but never forgotten, gems.* (You can thank me later.)

 photo ontd 4 flav tuxedo_zpsuzyneclj.jpg

In 2003, Vh1 debuted The Surreal Life, a celebrity version of MTV's The Real Life. A bunch of B-list celebrities lived in Glenn Campbell's former mansion in L.A. It is there, on Season 3, where Danish model Brigitte Nielsen and Flavor Flav, of rap group Public Enemy, met.

 photo the surreal life_zpsib5bpewa.jpg

They fell in love and their relationship was documented on VH1's spinoff series Strange Love. But their love was doomed, and Brigitte eventually left Flav alone on the tarmac of her private jet.

 photo ONTD STRANGE LOVE_zpsor9kuztk.jpg

VH1 gave Flav his own dating show in 2006. Flavor of Love, which ran until 2008, gathered a bunch of classy women to compete for Flav's money heart.

 photo ONTD 1 FOL_zpsjpmdj2zf.jpg

Tiffany Pollard was so popular that she couldn't be contained by merely one show, and she soon had her own VH1 shows: 2007's I Love New York, 2008's New York Goes To Hollywood, and 2009's New York Goes To Work.

 photo 20-i-love-new-york-tiffany-pollard.w710.h473_zpsf1ug9y2g.jpg

 photo ONTD NY_zpstkypz7kq.jpg

 photo ONTD NYGTH_zpsj95fqmcw.png

VH1 made another entertaining piece of shit classic with Rock of Love and Rock of Love Bus (2007-2009).

 photo ONTD ROL_zpswatwaeqi.jpg

The network also aired two seasons of Real Chance of Love in 2008-2009, starring two brothers who competed for Queen New York's heart on her dating show.

 photo 600x600bb-85_zpsgezls2bj.jpg

Daisy of Love (2009) was another dating show featuring Daisy de la Hoya, whom Bret Michaels rejected on Season 2 of his show.

 photo vwz5n5_zpserlnmj0b.png

This brings us to Flavor of Love: Charm School, Rock of Love: Charm School, and Charm School with Ricki Lake, three gloriously trashy educational seasons that ran from 2007 to 2009, in which castoffs from the previous shows were put into finishing school to become proper ladies.

 photo ONTD FOL_zpsahwnpz1z.jpg

 photo 3024663504_9dd4c7f31b_zpsyudf4pzz.jpg

 photo charmschool_zpsupbqwwmb.jpg

Finally, VH1 took even more rejects from its shows and pit them against each other on I Love Money, a game show in which the contestants did ridiculously stupid challenges for cash.

 photo i-love-money_zpsp80nv2rb.jpg

Alas, this golden era was not to last. VH1 was filming a show called Megan Wants A Millionaire, in which golddigger Megan Hauserman of Rock of Love is wooed by several rich guys. However, after one of these men was convicted of murdering his ex girlfriend, the network pulled the plug on the show after only three episodes.

 photo ONTD MWAM_zpsygu6w8fq.jpg

The fourth and final season of I Love Money aired in 2010, ending the golden age of VH1 reality shows.

 photo flavor of love spit_zpsqdacvqib.gif

*I am not counting For the Love of Ray J or Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It, because they are boring and they suck.

What is your favorite VH1 reality show?

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R.I.P. the post that I accidentally deleted two times, I give up.
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