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Sandra Oh is Vulture's Pick for Best Actress on TV for 2018

-The Emmy nominations are going to released on July 12.

-"Without Oh’s performance, the house collapses. She makes Eve make sense. She makes Killing Eve make sense."

-Edit: I'm so proud of Sandra Oh, & elated to see her get warranted recognition. But also irked after she waited years for another great role to arrive. May this lead to more leading roles/opportunities for her!

[Sandra Oh Emmy Clips SPOILERS]

He was really amazing, I was a bit shocked but this only further intrigued me for what he's going to do with Richie in It Part 2.

[His Emmy Clips (Spoiler if you have not watched the show yet!)]

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OP Question- Which performer on television gave a great performance worthy of an Emmy nomination or win? And which Emmy snub will be the most infuriating?
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