Pokemon Go special event: Articuno Day!

Professor Willow’s challenge begins June 30th & July 1st in Dortmund, Germany!

If enough players meet the challenge then it they will unlock XP bonus for catching Pokemon, hatching Poke Eggs and Raid Battles on July 2nd. Participating Trainers can unlock a special bonus to make Lucky Eggs last for 1 hour until July 9th.

If all challenges are completed then players worldwide will be given 5 Raid Passes when they spin a Pokestop at a PokeGym for Articuno Day!

Saturday July 7th Articuno will be available in Raid Battles around the world for a three-hour period that will also come in a Shiny form.

And... Don't forget about the upcoming Community Day featuring SQUIRTLE!

Starts on July 8th from 11am PST/ 12pm MST/ 1pm CST/ 2pm EST -
Ending at 2pm PST/ 3pm MST/ 4pm CST/ 5pm EST

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Happy Hunting!