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Hailey Baldwin deleted all her photos with Shawn Mendes from her Instagram

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are reportedly back together, seen across several places around New York displaying some serious PDA and chilling in hot tubs in Washington.

• Twitter then noticed that Hailey had deleted every single picture of her and Shawn Mendes from her Instagram feed.

• Mendes still has his photos of her up on his Instagram and earlier this month had this to say of Hailey and Justin: “I don't know if they're dating or not. I have no idea what the media is saying. But I think that’s awesome. I love them both. They’re both really awesome people.”

• So if Shawn and Hailey were just friends, why the delete? What is the truth?

ONTD, do you delete photos of other people from your Instagram?

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