Bebe Rexha was upset G-Eazy didn't tell her about Britney Spears VMA Performance of Me Myself & I

• Princess of Pop Britney Spears and sleaze of Pop G-Eazy both performed their smash worldwide hit Make Me... (Chart) at the 2016 Video Music Awards. It marked Spears' first VMA performance since her 2007 VMA performance in Las Vegas that was panned by critics and nearly everyone alive.

• The two then transitioned into G-Eazy and Bebe Rexha's hit, Me, Myself, & I before going back and ending with Make Me... (Chart) (available on iTunes and all streaming services).

Bebe Rexha was in the audience at the 2016 VMA's and was not aware that the pair would be performing her hit with G-Eazy.

• Gerald Earl failed to tell her and according to Rexha: “I didn't know about the performance, I found out at the last minute. They were scared I wasn't going to clear it, which is bull... I was a little shocked by him because I thought he'd let me know. But then I got to meet Britney and take pictures with her. So it made everything way better. She's my idol, you know what I mean?”

• Cohen then asks what exactly upset Rexha about the performance: “I showed up at the awards and imagine you are part of a song - and I was just there in the audience and they didn't even let me know. And all I hear is, “woo oooh, it's just me...” and I just wished I would have known out of respect from G. But then I got a picture with Britney so I was happy. Cause she's Queen.”

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