ONTD Original: 4 times we were promised LGBTQ representation and they barely (if at all) delivered

Warning: This post contains spoilers for HBO's Westworld season 2 finale.

In honor of Pride month, here's a reminder of all the times we were lied to and promised LGBTQ representation in our media.

1. Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnorak


There were two blissful days in late October of 2017 where we were allowed to believe that maybe Marvel would actually let us have an LGBTQ character in their movie universe. On October 21, Tessa Thompson confirmed via twitter that her character Valkyrie is bisexual and was “a joy to play”. Two days later however, she again took to the twitter to let us know that “her sexuality isn’t explicitly address in Thor: Ragnorok”. Relevant ontd post.

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2. LeFou in Disney's Beauty and the Beast (2017)


Last year, the media was beyond excited because Disney announced that in the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, LeFou (Josh Gad) would be gay. People were beyond hyped. Your liberal aunt definitely shared like three articles on Facebook about what a big deal this was and then tagged the only gay people she knew in the comments. Too bad all the hype was for nothing. If you went to see this movie because you were promised something gay, they really got you because they waited until the last few seconds of the movie just to… have LeFou dance with a man for a few seconds. Relevant ontd post.


3. The Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers


Beauty and the Beast and Power Rangers came out in the same several week period and we got to live this storyline out twice. Again, people flipped. But for all the praise and self congratulating that went on, it was only a small scene. Trini, the Yellow Ranger (Becky G), is trying to come to terms with her sexual orientation. One character erroneously assumes it to be “boyfriend problems” before asking if maybe Trini is having “girlfriend problems”. That’s it. That’s the long awaited LGBTQ representation. Good job on doing the bare minimum I guess. Relevant ontd post.


4. ???? in HBO's Westworld


In April of this year, Evan Rachel Wood told us that fans hoping for a queer storyline in Westwold Season 2 would not be disappointed. Well, we are disappointed Evan. Where was it??? Was Evan referencing something that was ultimately cut from the season? Did she think that Maeve and Akane’s deeply emotional but ultimately platonic relationship counted? Did she think Dolores and Charlotte Hale's "relationship" would count? Because when we said we wanted Dolores inside of Charlotte, we didn't mean like this... Why is HBO punishing us? Relevant ontd post.


Dishonorable mention to Jurassic World who cut a lesbian reveal scene that is best left on the cutting room floor.

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