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Chipotle's comeback bid: avocado tostadas, quesadillas, and chocolate shakes

• After an E.coli outbreak in late 2015, Chipotle has struggled to turn things around and regain customers and their trust again.

• This past March, the company hired CEO Brian Niccol in hopes he could help the chain turn things around after a succesful three years of being the CEO of Taco Bell.

• Since then, Chipotle's shares have gone up about 65% this year.

• To keep and lure back more customers, the chain is testing more menu items: avocado tostadas (their answer to avocado toast), quesadillas, nachos, a new spring salad, a Mexican chocolate milkshake, and a Paloma (a slushy like margarita cocktail that is made con tequila, naturally).

• The items are currently being tested in New York at the NEXT test kitchen but "there is no guarantee that they will be rolled out to all locations."

Tags: food / food industry

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