Celebs react: SCOTUS upholds Trump Muslim ban with stolen SCOTUS seat being deciding vote

Today the Supreme Court of the United States stood on the wrong side of history, choosing to uphold racism and xenophobia by ruling that the Trump administrations third attempt at a Muslim ban was constitutional. Justice Sotomayor's dissent, co-signed by Justice Ginsberg, was brutal and called out the hypocrisy between the court's earlier decision this week in the Masterpiece Cakeshop and the Travel Ban.
"But she noted that the court’s conservatives did not find a similar problem with Trump’s own words about Muslims and the travel ban his Administration put in place.

“Unlike in Masterpiece, where the majority considered the state commissioners’ statements about religion to be persuasive evidence of unconstitutional government action, the majority here completely sets aside the President’s charged statements about Muslims as irrelevant,” she wrote"

Read more about the dissent here and and at the SCOTUS website.

And just a reminder that SCOTUS has erred in their rulings before....

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