ONTD Original: 8 Celebrities With Intense Facial Structures

Are you bad at makeup because you don't need it?

Olivia Wilde

While this list is in no particular order, it seems kind of necessary to place Olivia Wilde first up, as the introduction. That jawline could cut a tree.

Beauty stuff
—Cat eyes and a bit of blush. Never any bronzer on those cheeks 'cause, like, hello.
—Describes herself as an "eyebrow maniac" due to being a victim of the '90s/'00s eyebrow trends.
—Isn't afraid to sport a fringe bang.

Keira Knightley

Speaking of jawlines... Keira has a naturally chiseled chin and her face is widened by her jaw and cheekbones. And it's awesome.

Beauty stuff
—Keeps those brows combed.
—She's fond of a bold eye, especially for red carpet looks, but mostly sticks to natural looks.

Diane Guerrero

We're on a roll with these jawlines. Let's keep 'em coming.

Beauty stuff
—Her advocacy for immigration reform being stronger than that bone structure.

Michael Ealy

Mommy-loving queen Michael Ealy normally blesses us with a bit of facial hair knowing we wouldn't be able to handle looking directly at what lies beneath.

Beauty stuff
—Stanning all of the women in his life.

Katie Holmes

Joey Potter had a qt lil bb face that Katie eventually grew out of to become the supermodel-looking version of Britney Spears.

Beauty stuff
—Health and wellness. She doesn't care for unhealthy beauty standards and views makeup as a fun activity.
—Shiny, shiny hair.

Laura Vandervoort

Laura has, perhaps, a pair of the most intense cheekbones OP has ever seen.

Beauty stuff
—She just has to stand under a strong light, man.
—Or on a pedestal, accurately looking down on all you plebs staring up at those super cheekbones.

Cillian Murphy

Tom Welling who? Tyson Ritter what? Let me just leave this man right here for you, ONTD.

Beauty stuff
—Being able to have charisma with a trash can.
—Being ONTD's boyfriend since forever.

Rila Fukushima

I wanted to refrain from posting any models on this list, but Rila's bone structure is so unique that I couldn't not. Her face is an upside-down triangle with a large forehead and it's incredible.

Beauty stuff
—An intriguing fashion sense worth following.

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