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ONTD Boyfriend Post: Ghosts of Boyfriends Past (A look at past & present ones)

Remember during ONTD (2008-2012) when JGL was everywhere it seems? He was rewarded with ONTD's Most Desirable of the Summer of 2010. SOURCE

I mean who could forgot those iconic GQ pics with Claudia Schiffer? And how it tumbled downhill after 2012, and other ONTD BF’s too. SOURCE


Thanks to _xxtom for the Original List/Post: SOURCE and it made me wonder what became of the list?

ONTD Current Boyfriends For Now...

1. Adam Driver
Proof of ONTD's adoration/hyprocrisy lol

2. John Boyega
3. Oscar Issac

4. Rami Malek
5. Chris Pine

6. Taron Egerton

7. Jake Gyllenhaal

A list copied and pasted from that post/look back at their status now in separate cuts below:

Life Long Boyfriends

1. Robert Downey Jr Status: On a hiatus

2. Christian Bale Status: Barely

3. Zac Efron Status: Barely

4. Leonardo Dicaprio Status: Terminated

5. Will Smith Status: Barely

6. Jake Gyllenhaal Status: ONTD BF

7. Conan O'Brien Status: Terminated

8. Ewan McGregor Status: Terminated

9. Ralph Fiennes Status: Barely

10. Liam Neeson Status: Non-existent

11. Johnny Depp Status: Terminated

12. Paul Rudd Status: On a hiatus

13. T.I. Status: Terminated

14. Ryan Gosling Status: ONTD BF

15. Daniel Day Lewis Status: Barely

16. Keanu Reeves Status: ONTD BF

17. Idris Elba Status: ONTD BF

18. John Cho Status: ONTD BF

Life Long Potentials

1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt Status: Terminated

2. Tom Hardy Status: Barely

3. Cillian Murphy Status: ONTD BF

4. Leonardo Dicaprio Status: Terminated

5. James Franco Status: Terminated

6. Henry Cavill Status: On a hiatus

7. Chris Evans Status: ONTD BF

8. Pharrell Status: Non-existent

9. James Marsden Status: Barely

10. Kanye West Status: Terminated

11. Shia Labeouf Status: Terminated

12. Ryan Reynolds Status: Barely

13. Alexander Skarsgard Status: Barely

14. Tom Hiddleston Status: Terminated

Floater Boyfriends (Boyfriends that disappear and come back for more)

1. Chris Pine Status: ONTD BF

2. Zachary Quinto Status: Non-existent

3. Joaquin Phoenix Status: On a hiatus

4. James Marsden Status: Barely

5. John Kraniski Status: Barely

6. Bradley Cooper Status: Denied

7. Jared Leto Status: Denied

8. Jon Hamm Status: Barely

9. James McAvoy Status: ONTD BF

10. Jeffery Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem Status: Barely

11. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Status: Barely


1. Eli Roth Status: Terminated

2. Aaron Eckhart Status: Non-existent

3. Hayden Christensen Status: Denied

4. Orlando Bloom Status: Denied

5. Daniel Craig Status: Non-existent

6. Clive Owen Status: Non-existent

7. Colin Farrell Status: ONTD BF

8. Adrien Brody Status: Terminated

9. Hugh Jackman Status: On a hiatus

10. Gerard Butler Status: Denied

Stans tried to make Happen: Failed in Process

1. Eminem Status: Non-existent

2. Rupert Grint Status: Barely

3. David Tennant Status: Barely

4. Drake Status: Barely

5. Hanson Status: Non-existent

6. Twilight Guy’s Status: Non-existent

7. Supernatural Guy’s Status: Non-existent

8. Matthew Gray Gubler Status: Non-existent

Sources: ONTD BF LIST ONTD Most Desirable Men GQ Pics GQ Post SW Pic MTV SkitChris/Rami Pic Adam D. gifs Taron E.Pics Jake G. Pic Means Girls Gif That's All Gif

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