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Death of Superman animated movie leaks early

-Death of Superman animated movie has leaked a month early ahead of its digital release on July 24th.

-The film is pt.1 of 2 that will take on one of the most popular Superman stories ever told.

-This will be DCs 2nd attempt at animating the storyline, their first attempt kicked off the DC animated DTVs in 2007 with Superman: Doomsday and was a flop amongst fans. Batman v Superman was also a loose adaption.

-Viewers will notice something different about Cat Grant as the character is now an black woman who is friends with Lois instead of her competitor.

-Film takes place in the DC animated movie-verse that started with Justice League: War

Source: 1 2
Image result for wonder woman doomsday gif
Tags: animation, batman, dc comics, leak, superman / smallville, the flash (cw), wonder woman

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