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Ang Lee’s ‘Hulk’ Proves How Far the Superhero Genre Has Come Since 2003

-Before the Comic book frenzy, and before the MCU was established Hulk was supposed to jumpstart the Hulk into a trilogy and turn Eric Bana into a big star. Billy Crudup was offered the role and turned it down.
-Instead, Ang Lee who was coming off of Crouching Hidden Tiger Dragon (2000) wanted to make a darker brooder tale than superhero films that came out. It helped pave the way for Christopher Nolans Batman trilogy.
-Hulk (2003) has been either lambasted for its offbeat take on the genre or respected as one taking a risk after 15 years. They still show re-runs of this film recently too, so in a way the film finally found its audience.

Her face was made for film.

What happened to Eric Bana/wasn't he supposed to be the next big thing? He can do drama/comedy

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