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ASTROLOGY POST! Ariana is getting married! Do the stars think they'll make it?

One thing that has shocked us is the new and super quick engagement between Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. How could this be? We didn't take them for this? Did we? Their sun signs, Cancer (A) and Scorpio (P) always tend to get swept up together in a water-sign disaster… and Ariana's moon in Libra is a total hopeless romantic; it's Pete's moon in Capricorn that is supposed to be logical and standoffish! Somehow though, this funny guy got his dangerous woman, a hot new pad, and now we'll see if the stars say they can make it down the aisle!

Since his Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all in her tenth house of public life, that contributes a lot as to why it's getting so much limelight. I could see him being a big influence on her career- between the cunning business savvy of his Scorpio planets in her 10th house of career and his moon in Capricorn aligning with her Capricorn rising; she's definitely going to be feeling his instincts even when they aren't necessarily the right choice for her. The hard part of their relationship is that because his Scorpio planets are in her 10th house of public life, it's where everyone can "see" it the best. There will be a general "open-secret" about when he's calling the shots, and it might be seen negatively, because Scorpio tends to carry a mysterious and suspicious vibe. However, if Ariana is trying to get #Greedy, this could be her her ride or die that will be a really solid partner and strategist in helping her achieve global domination.

Scorpio (PSun) and Capricorn (PMoon) can be rather controlling & opportunistic signs, especially in love. Hence the need to lock that shit down with a ring. One thing about Cancer (A) is that they do like possessive relationships. Nothing makes them feel better in life than someone who will always be there to have their back, deal with their mood swings, and help them with their hustle. Ari's moon is in Libra right on top of Jupiter, the planet of expansion, which exacerbates lunar-Libran's already natural need for partnership; her Taurean Venus wants stability, a rock, someone to depend on, who is L O Y A L as fuck; she's a relationship person through and through. The question is really on Pete and if he can meet her demands...

The simple truth is that both of them are serious relationship people; the only personal planet either of them have that I wouldn't interpret as such is Pete's Mars in Sagittarius. Overall, I predict that he's incredibly devoted (for now), they're going to be super strong for one another (for now), and the sex is probably bomb… just sayin, Mars in Sag and Scorpio everything else? Yeah, that boy's got it. #StarCertifiedSex.

Despite being a solar Cancer, I do think Ariana is an even keeled person, and that will probably seriously be a huge influence on Pete. Mars, our usual instigator, is very docile in Virgo (A) and, even though Sagittarius (P) is a fire sign, it's not an aggressive placement for Mars; unless of course you're questioning their convictions. As long as he feels like he's with someone who is always being open and honest with him, Scorpio won't really have any reason to pull out the stingers. Emotional betrayal is their real trigger and I do predict that Ari has grown out of some of the shit that creates that. To keep Ari, Pete is going to have to remain genuine, not be accusatory or hurt her feelings with "jokes" too much (Scorpio and their sense of humor, what can we say?), and keep the ego in check friend; don't stop forgetting that you're a lucky little dude.

Will they make it down the aisle?

I would actually predict yes! And I can actually see them being quite the power couple before having an explosive break-up that'll get ONTD posts to hit 1000+ comments again. I am highly skeptical that they're making it to the death-do-us-part part, but a solid five years and maybe a kid wouldn't surprise me at all. I don't see Ari wanting to have kids if her career stays hot for a while; she's a "collect my coins while I can" type and her soon-to-be-Hubs will probably get more popular; from this, and in addition to most guys like him peaking in their later years, and unless we suddenly stop living in a misogynistic land of pigs, she'll fizzle out around 30 and be down to settle and start living off those award show appearances.

I'm predicting the break-up would be about two things: 1) Money. Ari-girl's got Venus in Taurus and Sun in Cancer, which are hot placements for money management, highly aided by Mars in Virgo (practical) and a Capricorn rising. Pete's MUCH more a spendthrift; most Scorpio's love living lavish and Ari's moon in Libra will go along for a while, but when it comes to money, she's gonna come to her senses real quick and the pursestrings become an issue. 2) Emotional Intensity. We all know those relationships where you have fights just to have make-up sex and feel like you're #strongertogether because you survived drama together that you created for yourselves-- I can so easily predict them becoming this couple. And once you start down that path, it starts to spill over into rumors get out, paranoia sets in, martyrism takes over, and then there will most likely be cheating.

Overall, I think this could be a really good match for her. Hopefully, Pete can stay grounded and they will both "grow up" together and deal with, what could be a super public relationship, in a well-mannered way. Water signs 100% get better with age. If they were both mid-40 divorcee's, I would say that this is everlasting love.

Alternate predictions:

It was all a joke and they're just best friends who wanted to see if they could get everyone to believe they're married.

Pete is actually a greedy POS who is totally using her, ends up completely isolating her, taking her coins, and she pops up in 3 years hocking a tell-all to pay him alimony.

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