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Janelle Monáe on Visibility, Loving Openly, and Choosing Freedom Over Fear

+ Dirty Computer came from a more personal place than her previous albums, but it's intended to speak to people, not be a confessional album.

+ Dealt with a lot of anger after the election, as she felt it was a direct attack on the LGBTQIA community, black women, women's rights, and poor people.

+ Had to stop recording so she wouldn't make an angry album, but worked through it with therapy and advice from Stevie Wonder.

+ Stevie had her record the advice he gave, and she included it on the album as "Stevie's Dream."

+ There are 3 movements on Dirty Computer: reckoning and realizing where you stand in society, celebration and self-empowerment, and finally reclamation.

+ Talks about white privilege and how black kids don't get to grow up carefree like they should.

+ She doesn't presume to speak for all black people or even all black women, but she's speaking in support of them and is learning to speak more freely about injustice.

There are some pretty photographs of Janelle at the source!

Are you still listening to Dirty Computer on repeat like I am, ONTD? Favorite songs?
Tags: black celebrities, janelle monáe, lgbtq film / media, magazine covers and articles, music / musician, race / racism

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