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David Harbour and Kyle MacLachlan on acting, fanfiction, and more

David Harbour and Kyle MacLachlan took on Variety's “Actors on Actors” presented by Shutterstock. From the interview:

  • MacLachlan didn't audition for Twin Peaks. He met with David Lynch, hit it off due to their similar upbringing and sense of humor, and came back for a screen test a few days later.

  • Harbour has been in many supporting roles but few people realize he's been in Hollywood as long as he has. He never thought he'd get the lead in a Netflix show and "read for it as kind of a joke."

  • With a meatier role like Stranger Things, Harbour had to go deeper than before; he used American Method, Strasberg-type preparation. Ended up isolating himself for the 6 months it took to film Season 1.

  • MacLachlan says Lynch creates a "delightful working experience" where actors can explore their transformations fully. Very little cerebral direction, more things like "Think Elvis" or "I need more wind."

  • One of the worst notes Harbour got from a director was on Brokeback Mountain: "More, more handsome."

  • They share the experience of being on cult shows with passionate fans.

  • Harbour has read some Stranger Things fanfiction "and it’s so interesting that the world becomes so rich for them, that the characters in their minds go off and do other things, have other relationships. That kind of passion, I’ve rarely seen before. All I’ve ever wanted to do as an actor was move people."

  • MacLachlan's advice is to keep learning, not just about acting but about life so that you can more fully embody a wide variety of human experience, and to be comfortable with messiness and imperfection.


What's the craziest/most fun fanfiction you've read (or written)?
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