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ONTD Original: The Best Recipes From The Flavor Of Love Universe

VH1's classic television series The Flavor of Love and its subsequent hits, including Rock of Love, I Love New York, and Charm School, are under-appreciated culinary gems for elites with the most sophisticated palates. Here, we have collected some of the finest recipes for foodie connoisseurs to enjoy.

Remove whole (3 lb.) chicken from packaging. Do not rinse. Dress with raw vegetables, marshmallows, jam, and leftover lo mein noodles. Microwave on the "chicken" setting for several minutes.

Season steak liberally. Heat olive oil in pan; sear steak on both sides for 3-5 minutes. Let stand 10 minutes. Eat dramatically with a very sharp knife.

Prepare biscuit dough on floured surface. Bake at 450 degrees F until golden, about 10 minutes. Put one single biscuit on a plate and look at it while ignoring your guest.

After imbibing several alcoholic beverages, prepare chocolate pudding mix according to directions on package. Dump on the floor.

Shuck fresh oysters. Use knife to detach oyster from shell. Spritz with human vomit and serve on the half-shell on a bed of ice.

Remove tray from box. Cut film. Do not season with basil. People who eat basil are lame.

Combine Nacho Cheese Doritos and a tequila of your liking by ingesting them together. Vomit into toilet.

Uncap jar of premade salsa and pour over suitcase full of clothes. Serve in open suitcase.

Store several ketchup packets in a pillowcase with stolen, dirty socks for several days. Suck ketchup out of packets.

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What have you learned from the Flavor of Love shows?

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