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ONTD: Six of my favorite tv-episodes from my Six favorite tv-shows


Supernatural: Mystery Spot

From: S03E11

About: When Sam and Dean investigate the disappearance of a man who was looking into a tourist attraction known as "The Mystery Spot" -- where the laws of physics don't apply -- Sam is thrown into a repeating loop, living the same day over and over, and watching Dean die each time in a different way as Sam avoids the method that killed him the last time.


Bob's Burger: Crawl Space

From: S01E02

About: When Bob learns that Linda's mother is coming for a visit, he wants nothing to do with it. Linda has been cracking the whip at home, making sure every shelf has been dusted and every bed has been made. When she discovers a leak in the roof, she sends Bob to fix it, but he gets stuck in a wall, leaving Linda and the kids to entertain their guests and run the restaurant.


Futurama: Fry and the Slurm Factory

From: S02E04

About: Fry wins a contest to visit the factory of his favorite addictive drink, but danger ensues when he accidentally discovers the real factory.

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Friends: The One Where Ross Got High

From: S06E09

About: Ross is forced to reveal the reason why Jack and Judy don't like Chandler. Rachel tries to make dessert for the gang. Joey and Ross try to get out of Thanksgiving when they are invited to hang out with Janine and her dancer friends.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Halloween III

From: S03E05

About: The third installment of Captain Holt and Jake’s Halloween heist culminates with a tie-breaking competition to claim the title of “amazing detective slash genius.” This year, Jake and Holt split the squad into two teams to help them win.

5LxJ 5LxJJ

The Simpsons: The Springfield Files

From: S08E10

About: In yet another crazed crossover, Leonard Nimoy narrates another tale of the supernatural, reminiscent of his days with "In Search Of." Realizing that even he's too drunk to drive after a night at Moe's Tavern, Homer stumbles through the woods and encounters a green glowing alien. Needless to say, nobody takes him seriously, except for "X-Files" FBI Agent Fox Mulder, who once again drags along his partner Dana Scully on another quest to prove the government is hiding the presence of UFO's from the public. However, even this mission may make a skeptic out of Mulder.

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Tags: bob's burgers (fox), brooklyn nine-nine (nbc), ontd original, supernatural (cw), television, the simpsons (fox), the x-files

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