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The Story Behind some of MULAN's Most Popular Songs

Happy Birthday, Mulan!

20 years ago, the film came out, the second to last in the Disney Reinassance, and with it came, quite possibly, the most popular Disney song to this day.

People got tired of Let it Go. No one has gotten tired of I'll Make A Man Out of You. (There should be some kind of round-robin competition; What is the most popular Disney song?)

There was initially a song for Mushu, but Eddie Murphy didn't want to sing in the film.

Let's (let EW) talk to David Zippel and Matthew Wilder about what went into that (and other) popular songs from the movie;

“I never thought a song as quirky as that was going to attract as much attention as it did,” says Wilder, about I'LL MAKE A MAN OUT OF YOU. The first draft was a success, and he piled on traditional Chinese drums with military snares.

The final orchestrated piece had over 100 musicians and a male orchestra, presumably singing the "BE A MAN" part.

REFLECTION was the first song written for the film...and the chorus plateaued. But they fixed it, by cutting out a lot of the song (which you can find on youtube, it's a lot less ballad-y than the final product.)

The end credits song TRUE TO YOUR HEART was originally intended for Hanson. In the end, Stevie Wonder both played harmonica and sung on the song.

Strangely, no one seems to have talked about HONOR TO US ALL. Which is a real pity.

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