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ONTD Original: Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson - A Revised Timeline

This is post is an excerpt from a forthcoming post on Ariana Grande's relationship timelines.

May was a busy month for Ariana Grande. As well as continuing to promote her single "No Tears Left To Cry" and her forthcoming album Sweetener, she also ended her relationship of almost two years with rapper Mac Miller and started dating SNL actor and comedian Pete Davidson, who ended his own two-year relationship with Cazzie David. The pair followed up their eventful month by announcing their engagement on June 11. Right? Right?

Except some fans and celeb-watchers have noticed discrepancies in the public timeline of their whirlwind romance.

June 5 Ariana appears wearing a yellow diamond on her engagement finger at her One Love Manchester concert, prompting fan speculation that she and Mac Miller are engaged.
November 17

Pete Davidson's girlfriend Cazzie David wishes him a happy birthday on Instagram.
November 23 Mac and Ariana are papped driving together in Los Angeles. This is the last time they are seen publicly together in 2017.
January 29

Ariana makes a lowkey solo appearance at the 2018 Grammy Awards and skips the red carpet. A seating chart shows she was seated solo during the ceremony next to Mike Will Made-It. There is no seat labelled for Mac. She doesn't appear in the telecast, apart from briefly being spotted backstage by some fans on Twitter.

January 31 Pete posts a series of posts to his Instagram story. They include the statement, "I'm really sad and in insane pain", and a photo of himself with Cazzie, followed by the message "Idk what I did to make you hate me so much, but I'm sorry." He deletes the posts 20 minutes later.

March 5 In her (and their) first public appearance together in several months, Mac and Ariana attend an Oscars Party together.

March 13 In a since-deleted tweet, Mac tweets, "I only exist when you need something." (He scrubbed his social media last month).

April 16 Mac is one of several friends of Ariana's to appear in a "No Tears Left To Cry" sweatshirt on Ariana's Instagram to promote her forthcoming single.

April 20 "No Tears Left To Cry" is officially released.

April 21 Mac and Ariana make their last public appearance together at Coachella weekend two.

May 4

Cazzie David posts a photo with Pete on Instagram captioned "bffs".

May 7 Ariana attends the Met Gala solo, which isn't unusual, but some fans notice that Mac doesn't like any of the photos from the event she posts on Instagram, although they are still following each other at the time.

May 9 TMZ reports that Mac and Ariana have broken up.

This is where things start to get fuzzy...

May 10 Fans speculate that a blind item about a recent celeb breakup involving cheating is about Mac and Ariana, and an Instagram commenter backs up the allegation.

May 13

Ariana and Pete are spotted arriving at a party together
in New York. Ariana has a cloud-shaped phone case that matches one Pete was spotted with earlier.

May 17 Mac Miller is arrested for DUI and hit and run in the San Fernando Valley after blowing nearly twice the legal limit.

May 18

Pete's tattoo artist Jon Mesa
posts photos to Instagram of the "crazy coverup" he did on Pete's right tattoo sleeve the previous night. The coverup covers the tattoo of Cazzie he's had since at least April 2016.

May 21 Pete and Ariana are "casually dating".

May 23 Ariana tweets her statement calling her relationship with Mac "toxic" and "scary".

Last week of May Cazzie goes to Botswana with her sister, evidenced by her Instagram story posts.

June 1

Ariana posts a photo with Pete on Instagram, apparently celebrating their relationship. However, the photo shows Pete without his new tattoo sleeve additions, meaning the photo had to be taken before May 17, when he covered up his tattoo of Cazzie.

June 2 Ariana is spotted wearing what appears to be her engagement ring from Pete at iHeartRadio and 102.7 KIISFM's Wango Tango concert in Los Angeles.
June 2

Cazzie posts to Instagram, "Been in Africa, what'd I miss?"

June 3 Tattoo artist London Reese posts a photo to Instagram of Pete's Dangerous Woman bunny mask tattoo.

June 11 Pete and Ariana "are engaged."

June 12 Pete's jeweller Greg Yuna reveals Pete ordered the ring "at the end of May" and that it took "two weeks" to make. Since Ariana was seen with the ring on June 2, this means the latest Pete could have made the call would have been around May 18, the same weekend he covered up his tattoo of Cazzie.

June 17 Sources say Pete and Cazzie were on "an indefinite break at the time he fell for" Ariana.

Bonus Sleuthing!
Podcast Come To Brazil points out a video Cazzie David made for Vogue in 2017 where she describes an 8-week breakup plan she formulated after a breakup three years earlier. In the video, she identifies week 6 as the perfect time to "post that calculated, attractive selfie". Six weeks before her "Been in Africa, what'd I miss?" Instagram post, Pete played a poorly-received show at an Ohio college where he reportedly talked about his girlfriend who he'd "probably marry". The podcast questions whether, given Pete and Cazzie's and Mac and Ariana's documented relationship turbulence as early as January and the non-specific "indefinite break" and "time [Pete] fell for" Ariana, it's possible that he and Ariana were dating as early as April.

(Full credit to Come to Brazil for this theory that I discovered after I'd written this post)

This was looking like it was going to be way more exciting when I was halfway through writing it than it ended up being, but some humble opinions from OP:

  • The public breakup of Mac and Ariana's relationship closely resembles that of her most recent previous public relationships (including Big Sean and dancer Ricky Alvarez)

  • Ariana apparently prefers to have a new relationship ready to present to the public before announcing her breakups (more on this in my Ariana Relationship Timeline post, coming soon! And with infographics!!).

  • It's pretty safe to assume this, along with Mac's role in her single promotion, is PR strategy.

  • It's also pretty obvious that Mac and Ariana were on the outs well before their official "breakup" date of May 9 and before Ariana confirmed the breakup on Instagram, as early as April but possibly even earlier.

  • Exactly when Pete and Cazzie split is less clear, but it's possible that her "bffs" post on May 4 could have similar intent to Ariana calling Mac her "best friend" in the Instagram story post where she confirmed their breakup.

  • Given the timing of Pete's tattoos and their photos together, it's obvious he and Ariana have been extremely close since mid-May at the very latest, before it was publicised that they were ever "dating casually"

  • The "official" date of the engagement also doesn't make much sense based on the jeweller's comments.

  • In this instance there's no smoking gun that either of them were cheating, but I think we can pretty safely say this is not a new couple alert.

Sources: OP has way too much time on her hands; other sources are linked throughout the post. Thanks also to the other ONTD posters who have been keeping us updated on this saga for making my work easier!

ONTD: Which timeline do you believe? Have you ever intentionally obscured the beginning or end of a relationship to avoid awkward implications? Do you think Pete and Ariana will make it down the aisle? Sorry to mobile users for how bad this looks on the mobile layout
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