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90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After - 3.5 Viewing Post

OP is absolutely TiredT but I know my dedicated fanbase comprised of three people were waiting on me to deliver and here I am. TLC is back to fraud us once again after last week's snore of an episode. We have a recap which basically entails the whole episode of Pao and her immature friend Juan fighting over Russ. This week we hopefully continue with Pedro and the family he hates, Great Value Pedro not liking kids and Nicole being scammed by Azan. Will we see some movement from this episode? We can only dream kids. It looks like Azan wants to unsecure that bag and see what the single life has to offer.

Sources: 1 2 3

OP's note: It's going to be my last post for awhile but I just want y'all to take this break to appreciate my trash posts more when I return.
Tags: divorce, marriage, nobody, television - tlc
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