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ONTD Original: Conventional & Unconventional (Your View of them) Hot Dilfs & Daddies

Disclaimer: Due to the number of gifs in my post, anyone viewing this on a mobile device please be aware of the bandwidth usage and proceed with caution after the cut! Thanks.

In honor of Father’s Day, here’s a list of Dilf’s in random order that's not in order of their hotness btw.

1. Mark Ruffalo
(He said he would rather have a death scene than a sex scene, so enjoy this odd yet weirdly sexy gifs lol to start us off!)

2. Jeff Goldblum
Is that Zaddy, no words but just let his quirky sex appeal/swagger sway over you.

3. Mads Mikkelsen
Intellectual Bae, I want Hannibal to eat me, so he can make me into a beautiful meal :)

4. Hugh Dancy
One half of NYC’s pretentious duo’s. The better half of that charms in all his handsome British-ness!

5. John Cho
The OG Bae, unfairly charming & deserves better roles then what's given to him. Also Stoner Icon!

6. Diego Luna
Latino thespian who has a knack for being very hot!

7. Mahershala Ali
Oscar winning Actor who is soulful & intelligent with a voice that is silky smooth.

8. Bill Hader
Funny, Strangely Hot Bae. If Michael Shannon & him are bros, then Bill would be the friendlier version.

9. Michael Shannon
Daddy doesn’t even begin to cover him, he’ll tuck you in at night & stare at you until you’re safe/asleep. Will also wear festive gear no matter the holiday!

10. Steven Yeun
One of the OG’s of The Walking Dead. Multitalented bae who can do drama, comedy, & horror. 1st seen in The Big Bang Theory, making it the last & only time I seen the show!

Also a big thanks to toxic_illusion for the words of encouragement/help yesterday as well!

I forgot to put him in here but DILF Justin Baldoni awaits you good morning or goodbye!

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Tags: bill hader, diego luna / gael garcia bernal, discussion, hannibal (nbc), hugh dancy, john cho, list, mads mikkelsen, mark ruffalo, ontd original, the walking dead / ftwd (amc)

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