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Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy on creating TV’s best kept secret, says O'Hara deserves Emmy nom

• Co-creator Dan Levy (David!) of the Canadian show that could (Schitt's Creek) talks to ET about the show's slow growing success. Slow word of mouth via social media has made this a hot show in recent months with Season 5 being highly anticipated.

On starting to get recognition and nominations in the United States (MTV Movie and TV Awards for Best Comedic Performance): “I was floored. Does Catherine O'Hara deserve an Emmy? Absolutely. Is the show big enough to get people's attention? Who knows. But I think the work is there for her. But [the MTV nomination] is a wonderful thing -- and I've worked at MTV. I was a VJ at MTV and actually hosted the Movie Awards red carpet one year about 10 years ago. I was such a bad red carpet host.”

On if the Roses will ever get their money & fortune back and the upcoming Christmas episode: “I can't say either way. I will say that we have a holiday episode that is coming out in December and there are things that happen in that episode that we've never seen before. It's a longer episode than normal. I ended up directing it with a very close friend of mine from film school, actually. And we may or may not see a little bit of their past. Who knows. But I've always been a big fan of the Downton Abbey Christmas special. I love a good holiday special. So it was a dream to make one. I think a Schitt's Creek Holiday is a very special episode and the first episode that I directed.”

• Dan adds that the Roses do not handle the holidays well in the upcoming festive episode.

• Says season five will be exciting and he will continue to “build and expand the show.”

get Catherine O'Hara that Emmy tbh!

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