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Sophia Bush details harassment allegations against Mark Schwahn, why she left Chicago P.D.

During an interview with Andy Cohen, Sophia Bush
spoke about the allegations made against One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn. She also addressed rumors that she left Chicago P.D. due the behavior of her co-star.

-“Look, my mom is a crazy Italian lady from New Jersey, the first time Mark Schwahn grabbed my ass I hit him in front of six other producers, and I hit him f—cking hard,”
-“He came back to LA and I was told years later by one of the then writers who became an EP, that he came back being like ‘that f—cking entitled b—ch! Who does she think she is?’ and this very sweet man Mike who I love and is like a ride or die for me was like ‘Maybe you shouldn’t touch the girls.’”
-“It was very clear to him to stay away from me. You heard comments you knew about things he said to people, we knew about the late night texts. We knew when he was super obsessed with one girl on our show that he would try to bang down her hotel room door in the middle of the night,She had to be moved, her rooms were moved. And then her boyfriend came and stayed with her the next month and literally, like, it almost came to fisticuffs between the two of them.””
-On why she did not leave the show due to Mark’s actions:
“First of all, why am I supposed to suffer and kill my own career because someone can’t keep their dick in their pants? Second of all, there is a whole crew of people don’t know about,” “It’s the reason I am angry about Roseanne being hired back to TV at all, 200 people lost their jobs because she is a psychotic racist.”

Chicago PD:
- Cohen asked: “There were rumors that you left because of your costars’ poor behavior. Is that true? Is that why you left?”(It’s rumored she left Chicago PD due to the agressive behavior/harassment/sexual harassment of co-star Jason Beghe):
-"It's a complicated question to answer only because 99.9 percent of the people who are on that show are my family, And they are people who I would go to war for and they are people who I will protect and have chosen to protect very specifically and who I love very, very much."
-"To have encountered two really terrible people over the course of my career is kind of a cakewalk,"

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