Christina Aguilera's 'Liberation' is this week's NYT Critic's Pick

This Friday marks the long-anticipated return of Christina Aguilera to the pop fray with 'Liberation,' her eighth studio album and first since 2012. Ahead of its release, the album has been named a New York Times Critic's Pick, accompanied by a glowing review by Jon Pareles.

Calling it "an album of extreme ups and downs: wretched and ecstatic, calculating and abandoned, seesawing between angst and raunch," Pareles proclaims that on 'Liberation' Aguilera "exults in her voice." Praising her ability to adapt in a pop landscape overrun with "the nasal, narcotized, dispirited voices of SoundCloud rap," the review credits much of the success of the album to Aguilera's command of her instrument: "She can belt and she can tease; she can aim a note as directly as a missile or turn its trajectory into an aerobatic spiral of leaping, quivering, scalloping melismas."

Yet-to-be-heard tracks spotlighted include "Pipe," "Masochist," and "Unless It's With You." You can still pre-order/save 'Liberation' ahead of its release here.

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