S-Town podcast to be adapted as film; "Spotlight" director Tom McCarthy attached

- S-Town (a.k.a. "Shit-town") is a seven-part podcast that came out last year; it sort of started as a murder mystery in Alabama but then turned into a whooooole other thing
- it's hosted by Brian Reed and focuses on a guy named John B. McLemore who wrote into This American Life with a story from his (shit) town
- it was super-popular and seen as an "audio novel"
- McCarthy is attached to direct (he did Spotlight, the criminally underrated Win Win, The Station Agent and The Visitor...and also the Adam Sandler vehicle The Cobbler, which is hilarious)
- no other info yet

I...feel like this will be controversial / seen as exploitative, for reasons I can't go into without spoilers, but he's a pretty good director, so ???? Have you listened to it, ONTD? (I couldn't find a tweet to embed that wasn't from a banned source or had a very spoilery image as its pic; hope this is okay.)

EDIT: yes, it's been over a year, but just in case (how do people still not know how to do spoiler tags??? damn y'all)