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ONTD Original: Cole Sprouse is trash


This past year has exposed all the shitty men in Hollywood. With Harvey Weinstein being exposed for the trash he is, all the other awful human beings are being dragged as well. This post focuses on Cole Sprouse and his shittiness. Sprouse was accused of emotional abuse by an ex girlfriend and he's also said some appalling things. Thankfully nothing ever disappears from the internet. After a nearly a year of trying to make this post, I'm finally allowed to post this.

Accusations of emotional abuse

Sprouse's ex girlfriend would frequently post on tumblr. While her account has since been deleted, she frequently reblogged posts that were about abuse and trauma suffered in relationships. She also mentioned how people excuse celebrities for abusive behavior because of their status and used Johnny Depp/Amber Heard as an example. While she never comes out and names him, it's quite obvious that their relationship wasn't the healthiest. Her account was deleted but a lot of the stuff she reblogged or questions she answered were saved by the internet.

Cole also tweeted some victim blaming shit but was quick to delete it after backlash on the internet.

*He also allegedly manipulated her into having a threesome but I have yet to see any other mentions of that.*

Compared Black Lives Matter to cannibalism....

Also said some white shit about racism

Also did some white shit by using MLK when talking about reverse racism

He compared dating a black man to bestiality.

Sprouse channeled his inner Roseanne and compared dating a black man to bestiality. People can claim he was "joking" but it's extremely inappropriate to compare black people to animals.

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Tags: feminism / social issues, ontd original, riverdale (cw)

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