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ONTD Original: 15 of the most meaningful and 15 of the most kickass moments in "Sense8"

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Let's celebrate the end of Sense8 by reliving some of it's best moments! Netflix might think the series is an expensive mess but that's just rational thinking and as Sense8 viewers well know, the true value of some things is immaterial and can only be felt. The series isn't subtle about getting that message across but it's very earnestness made the emphasis on love, empathy, truth, self-acceptance, hope, beauty, connectivity and solidarity that much more profound. I've put together a list of 15 of the imo most meaningful scenes of the series in chronological order, arm yourselves with tissues and prepare to ugly cry after the cut:

1. S01E05 Amanita and Nomi reflect on life's unpredictability: "Impossibility is a kiss away from reality."

2. S01E07 "What if something wonderful happens?" Capheus visits Riley on her way back to Iceland.

3. S01E09 "The real violence" scene when Nomi visits Lito at the museum (if you only watch one thing off this list, make it be this).

4. S01E09 "Death doesn't let you say good-bye." Capheus and Riley mourn for their lost loved ones.

5. S01E11 “This is what life is.” Sun shows Kala how to keep fighting.

6. S02E01 The "I hate that word" montage (which I was only able to find in Portuguese, oh well)

7. S02E01 "Is this art?" Hernando's speech against prejudice and for seeing beauty and love.

8. S02E01 Lito and his mother after he was outed. "You have nothing to apologize for."

9. S02E02 Lito and Capheus fielding interview questions in the "Who am I?" montage.

10. S02E04 "A heart as soft as a baby bird," and other words of wisdom from Min-Jung to Sun.

11. S02E06 Lito's speech at Sao Paolo pride (unfortunately cut a bit short by the background music).

12. S02E07 "I have no room in my heart for hate." The cluster visits Sun and offer her their unconditional support.

13. S02E10 Capheus' speech at the election rally: "Love is not a wall but a bridge."

14. S02E12 "I know your kind." Dani taking no shit from Whispers and illustrating why the lives of he and his small-minded ilk are ultimately meaningless.

15. S02E12 Amanita's wedding vow to Nomi: "I trust this feeling more than I have trusted anything in my life."

Besides emotional catharsis, Sense8 excels at physical action, such as the all-around amazing to watch following 15 scenes featuring singing, fighting, fucking, birthing and dressing up as tourists (NSFW obviously):

1. S01E04 The "What's Up" montage

2. S01E06 Orgy no. 1
Unfortunately the audible moaning means the shortest and tamest orgy keeps getting deleted on standard video platforms, so I'll just leave you with this gif and suggest a rewatch.
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3. S01E08 Nomi escapes from the police thanks to Will, Sun and Capheus

4. S01E10 Wolfgang steps up to help Lito rescue Dani

5. S01E10 Wolfgang and Lito kick more ass together

6. S01E10 The infamous birthing scene

7. S01E11 "Call me a bitch one more time," aka Capheus racks up a body count via Sun and Will

8. S02E01 Orgy no. 2, now including all the sensates!

9. S02E03 Fake prison guards try to hang Sun, the cluster takes them down

10. S02E03 Sun's escape from prison

11. S02E04 The cluster help Will and Riley escape at the museum

12. S02E08 Wolfgang and the cluster vs. Lila and hers

13. S02E11 "Justice, motherfucker, and we're coming for you." Collaborative relentless pursuit of Sun's brother

14. S02E12 The trojan horse scene featuring Amanita, Bug, Dani, Hernando, Detective Mun, Rajan, Diego & Felix

15. S02E12 Orgy no. 3, now including absolutely everyone as well as flashbacks and a rainbow strap-on for your especial pleasure

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I'd have included Riley's rescue mission except it's too long & not a single scene, obviously this list is personally biased and not comprehensive so feel free to add whatever I've missed!
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