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After Alice, Kim Kardashian Is Committed to Prison Reform

After Alice Marie Johnson was freed from Prison on Wednesday, Kim Kardashian West sat down with Mic’s Jordan Horowitz to discuss what it felt like to have played an instrumental role in Alice’s case being commuted.

In the interview:
-Kim says she got to break the news to Alice, they cried on the phone together for 3 minutes.
-Kim will be meeting with Alice in the coming week to thank her first and foremost for being such a strong woman.
-Kim wishes she could have been there in person to greet Alice as she as freed but knows Alice needs to get back to her family first and catch up on lost time.
-Kim says her heart has never felt so full.
-Kim says she isn’t an expert on the subject but knows there are over 3,000 people in prison serving life sentences for first time offenses and nonviolent crimes.
-Kim says she is assembling a bigger team of lawyers, political advisors and advocates to really work on prison reform and getting more people pardoned, sentences commuted or granted clemency.
-Kim wants to use her platform and voice to do good and really work on prison reform.
-She also reiterated she does not agree with Trump or his policies and approached this like a business meeting.

Tags: kardashian / jenner, legal / lawsuit, politics

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