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The music industry should be held accountable for Avicii’s death, here's why

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Interesting read about the music industry bleeding their artist dry and especially about Avicii's manager and his entourage's part in his decreasing mental health.

- Author says the music industry vampirises its talent with no regard for their mental health or wellbeing.

- People often say that silence kills in regards to suicide, Avicii spoke openly about his struggles with mental health, how he drank because of his anxiety with performing. He was open about his mental health but it didn't matter because those around him needed the pay check.

- In the documentary "True Stories", Avicii is discharged against medical advice to finish his tour, he is shown in a car drifting in an out of conciousness out of himself, while an aid asks him to radio interviews to show the world that he's okay.

- In 2016 Avicii becomes adamant about quitting touring, but no one wants him to stop. In a scene Avicii says he can't do anymore shows while his entourage says it'd be easier for him to finish, he replies "not for me". His entourage reminds him of what he'll loose, he says he doesn't care about the money, he can't finish the tour. The entourage then lists what if left of the tour, Avicii repeatedly asks them to stop because it's making him anxious, when they continue he leaves the room.

- His team still didn't cancel his tours, despite having been told to do so months in advance. That isn't surprising considering they make money off of his shows. The music industry is being compared to a Goliath - huge spectacle. The artists are cash cows.

- Study finds that musicians are up to three times more susceptible to mental illness.

- Avicii is shown saying that the shows will end up killing him, quote from the documentary “I have said, like, I'm going to die, I have said it so many times. And so I don't want to hear that I should even entertain the thought of doing another gig. And I know Arash [Avicii’s former manager] knows this, which is why I feel extra hurt—because he has said that [I should play more gigs] when it suits him. Everyone knows that I’ve been anxious and that I’ve been trying. I didn’t expect people to push me to do more shows,” he says. “I got a lot of resistance when I stopped doing the shows.”

- More artists are being candid about their struggles, which has led to some positive changes, for example, IMS is running its first-ever wellness retreat this summer. But the industry needs to stop treating the artists as circus animals and implement mandatory breaks from touring. The author ends on the note: "Most importantly: don’t treat the mental health of your artists like an inconsequential addition to their rider, easily forgotten or casually ignored. Mental health kills. It’s time to start taking it seriously."

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